SMOKERS who take work breaks to light up have left Mick Madden fuming.

Now the Brockholes eccentric has written to Prime Minister Tony Blair demanding an extra bank holiday - but only for non-smokers.

He wants future No Smoking Days - which fall on March 9 - to be designated bank holidays for all those people who don't take smoking breaks.

He said: "It would help make up for all the times we non-smokers carry on working while our smoking colleagues nip out for a cigarette.

"Smokers take five minutes here and there throughout the working day while non-smokers keep on working."

Mick said: "A friend of mine reckons that non-smokers work about two days more a year than smokers.

"I'm only asking for one day when non-smokers can leave the smokers to do all the work."

Mick said he didn't expect 100% backing for his plan from workmates at Harcon Sheet Metal, Leeds Road, Bradley.

But he said: "I've written to Tony Blair and am waiting for a reply. I think he'll look on the idea favourably.

"It could persuade a few smokers to stop if they thought they were missing a bank holiday."