The number of violent homophobic attacks in West Yorkshire is at its highest in a decade.

Worrying figures obtained from West Yorkshire Police by a Freedom of Information request show that the figure of hate-fuelled violence this year was more than six times that recorded in 2007.

The number of crimes reported has seen a steady increase since then.

There were 62 reports of physical attacks resulting in injury in the county this year that were recorded as a homophobic hate crime.

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Similarly, there were just nine such reports in 2007.

This year, only two of those 62 reports resulted in someone being charged, while 11 cases remain ongoing and unsolved. The rest resulted in a caution, resolution or in the case being dropped due to there not being enough evidence.

In one case, police were unable to prosecute due to the suspect being too ill.

West Yorkshire Police say the increase may be down to a change in the way hate crimes are reported.

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A spokesperson said: “West Yorkshire Police continue to raise awareness of hate crime and how to report it through its ongoing ‘Hate Hurts’ awareness campaign in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner.

“The campaign aims to give people a better understanding of what hate crime is and encourage victims of hate crimes and non-crime incidents to report them.

“It is noted that local, national and international events may have an impact on awareness and reporting.”