A HUDDERSFIELD nurse punched one police officer in the face and attempted to bite another, a court heard.

Vanessa Wade, 35, of Stoney Lane, Longwood, appeared at Huddersfield Magistrates' Court and pleaded not guilty to both assaults.

The trial was due to last one day but a complication meant it could only be heard in part.

The court was told yesterday that the incident took place at the defendant's home on July 6, at about 7.20pm.

Police were called by Ms Wade after reports her ex-partner Gavin Waters and her step dad, Robert Walker, were banging on her door and had towed her car away.

However, when officers attended the scene they were unable to get vital information from Ms Wade.

Pc Helen Mee said Mr Waters told her he had separated from Ms Wade about 30 minutes previously.

"Mr Waters said to me that the female caller, the defendant, had found his mobile telephone numbers.

"Some numbers she believed to be those of other females, and accused him of having an affair.

"As a result of that she explained that she had thrown him out the house."

Meanwhile her colleague, Pc Iain Campbell, had entered the house and was attempting to take details about the incident from Ms Wade.

But she said the defendant's voice was raised.

In a bid to calm the situation down the officers switched roles.

Pc Campbell retrieved the vehicle which had been towed 50 yards along the road.

While Pc Mee was talking to Ms Wade she mentioned health concerns raised by the men outside.

"The defendant immediately raised her voice again, this time towards myself, and accused me of having an affair with her partner, Mr Waters."

Pc Mee denied this and said the situation just deteriorated.

"It was at that point the defendant approached and shouted to me in my face.

"The defendant shouted, 'Get out of my house you f****** bitch.

"Before we had chance to leave the premises the defendant suddenly lunged towards me and she grabbed hold of my upper arms and swung me around herself into the kitchen units, where I banged my elbow on the corner of the work surface.

"Then with her right hand she punched out at my colleague glancing him on the chin, but no injury was caused."

The court also heard attempts were made by Ms Wade to bite the officer.

Pc Campbell corroborated his colleague's version of events.

"She seemed to be throwing her round like a rag doll.

"I did hear Pc Mee shout, 'Don't bite'.

The officers spent several minutes getting handcuffs on her.

The case was adjourned to November 20 when the defence evidence will be presented.