A LOCKWOOD man who travelled the world to work died at the age of 69.

Frank Milnes worked for textile companies in India, Belgium, France and Iran before a move back to his native Ireland.

Mr Milnes, who was born in Athlone in 1925, arrived in Huddersfield at the age of three. He went to Mount Pleasant School, Lockwood, as did his three brothers and a sister.

He left in 1939 to become an apprentice at David Brown Gears and in 1945 joined the Army - on the day that Germany surrendered.

He then joined the textile industry and in the 1950s flew out to Rajasthan in India to start a mill, working 12 hours a day, seven days a week. When it was up and running, he cut his hours - to 10 a day, six days a week.

Mr Milnes's return to Ireland saw him set up home in Bandon, 20 miles from Cork, in a house which he had built and which he called Lockwood.

He retired at 65 and two years later returned to Huddersfield, to live at Hill Tree Park, Crosland Hill.

Mr Milnes left four daughters - living in Milnsbridge - and a son in Greenfield. He also had a son and daughter from his second marriage in Ireland.

He was the founder of the Lockwood Old Boys' Reunion, which he started 11 years ago.

It is to continue every year at The Red Lion pub in his memory.

Mr Milnes was also a keen dominoes player and was a member of Oakes WMC.