The Army recruitment office in Huddersfield is involved in a campaign to find 15,000 new staff.

The Army's £200,000 New Year, New Life campaign is aiming to find new recruits in Yorkshire and the North East by highlighting the wealth of opportunities open to Army staff.

As well as training as soldiers, recruits can qualify in a wide range of careers, including finance, communications, health care, dentistry, animal handling, catering, music and policing.

The opportunities will be publicised over the next few months on posters, signs on buses, and on radio stations all over northern England.

Warrant Officer Paul Banks, from Huddersfield Army recruitment office, said the campaign would coincide with A level and GCSE students choosing careers for when they leave education in summer.

WO Banks said: "We only have so much money for advertising per year, so we are campaigning intensively.

"We will be visiting schools and shows, job centres and careers centres to give kids information."

Visit the Huddersfield office, contact the office on 01484 424868 or log on to