ZEBEDEE, Zac and Zenon are among some of the more unusual names parents gave their new-born children last year.

But traditional names remain at the top, with Olivia the most popular girl’s name and Jack for a boy.

Celebrities were a key influence on parents’ choices, with Ruby, the name of Charlotte Church’s daughter, coming in second.

Amy Winehouse’s troubled year saw her name fall three places to 23rd, while footballer Theo Walcott helped to boost his name twelve places to 58th.

The top ten boy’s names last year were Jack, Oliver, Harry, Alfie, Charlie, Thomas, Joshua, Daniel, James and William.

The most popular girl’s names were Olivia, Ruby, Grace, Emily, Jessica, Sophie, Chloe, Lily, Mia and Lucy.

Names new to the list in 2008 included Zebedee, Zenon, and Zeph. Also on the website list for the first time was Daniel Christop.

But traditional names such as Rose, Connie and Heidi are making a return.

Faye Mingo, of pregnancy, baby and parenting club Bounty, said: “It’s fair to say that while Barack may be growing in popularity in America, British politicians certainly don’t influence our choice of names here in the UK. Instead, parents are more likely to name after a well-known movie star or celebrity.”