A HUDDERSFIELD charity which helps poor people in Africa and India is holding a fundraising open day.

The Christian African Relief Trust’s event is on Saturday from 10am to 1pm at its warehouse and charity shop on Summer Street, Lockwood.

There will be a workshop and a performance led by Africa for All. Visitors can bring goods to fill aid crates destined for Africa. African crafts and foods will go on sale and refreshments will be on offer.

People can also speak to volunteers about the work of the charity.

The charity was started in 1982 by volunteers.

It ships items such as blankets, clothes, medicines, educational items, computers and bicycles as well as food to poverty-stricken areas in Africa and India.

It makes sure that supplies go to the most needy areas and demands feedback on how the goods are distributed.

Fourteen countries benefit from goods sent by Cart. In 2006 it sent 21 40ft containers at a cost of £100,000.

These costs were paid by money made from the Cart charity shop.