A HUDDERSFIELD footpath which has been closed for more than a month is set to re-open.

The footpath is essentially a flight of steps which runs down a steep embankment just outside Milnsbridge. It links Manchester Road and Park Road West, Crosland Moor.

In February, Kirklees Council workmen began repairs to the steps, but rocks and a retaining wall fell from under the pathway into a hidden cellar.

This left some steps unsupported and delayed the repairs.

Now, work on the steps is almost complete and the route is due to re-open very soon.

Ward councillors Mohammed Sarwar and Ian Rutter said they were pleased with the work.

They have been campaigning for improvements to the steps for several years.

They said: "Over many years, the highways department has received a great deal of criticism from the public, as well as elected members, but praise should be given when it's earned.

"Many local residents have complained about the condition of the steps. Now, the quality of the workmanship is excellent," they added.

"Local residents are grateful, as are we. This is another step forward in taking Huddersfield further into the 21st century."