PENSIONERS in Huddersfield are issuing a challenge to candidates in the General Election as they push to win the "grey vote".

The National Pensioners' Convention is asking for support on six key policies which are at the heart of older people's concerns in the election.

They want to see:

* A basic state pension of £105 a week for all pensioners.

* A restoration of the link between pensions and average earnings.

* Free long-term care.

* A nationwide free travel scheme.

* Replacement of Council Tax with a fairer system based on the ability to pay.

* The end of age discrimination in the provision of all goods and services.

The pensioners are sending a survey form to all candidates asking for their support.

Responses from candidates will be published locally and nationally before election day to enable older voters to judge which candidates are backing the Pensioners' Manifesto.

Noreen Logan of Huddersfield and District Pensioners' Organisation said: "We are fully supporting this campaign. We have appointed two manifesto officers - one for each of the constituencies of Huddersfield and the Colne Valley.

"The survey will be sent to all candidates and we hope to publish the results before election day."

Peter Meer, campaign organiser in the Yorkshire and Humber region, said: "In the last few weeks the three main political parties have started to wise up to the fact that there are 11m pensioners - the vast majority of which will vote in the General Election. I think pensioners could make a real difference as to who gets elected and the politicians should take note."

Joe Harris, National Pensioners' Convention general secretary, said: "Pensioners in every constituency are asking their candidates if they will support a Pensioners' Manifesto. This will put older people right at the heart of the election campaign."