The decision day regarding the future of our hospital services ended in bitter disappointment.

This is what readers had to say on the Examiner’s Facebook page.

David Brookes: The Greater Huddersfield CCG should hang their heads in shame at their dereliction of duty to the people of Huddersfield. For the folks in Holmfirth, about to also have ambulance provision downgraded, they must accept culpability for the inevitable loss of life.

Kal Ash: It’s very sad to think the decision will never be changed. We all know why it will remain. Nothing changes, never will, not for Kirklees.

Lee Smith: They had already made up their minds a few years ago.

Victoria Paton: The decision was made a long time ago. It was only put to public consultation to make it look like the public had their say.

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Adèle Jane Wilkinson: What a farce. All the way through they were struggling to keep their language as “if” we vote for the change. The decision was made months ago and sod the views of the people. A sad day for democracy and a sad day for the health care of people in Huddersfield.

Andy Kman Kimberley: Who voted to become part of Calderdale NHS trust and take the debt on that will effect the lives of me and my children?

Vickie Whiteley: In September this year had to go in a taxi to Huddersfield A&E. Won’t be able to afford a taxi next time so an ambulance will be needed.

Laura Alice Hirst: New Zealand is looking more appealing by the day!