AN expert group has warned that a new plan to cut the number of pigeons in Huddersfield town centre will be a “disaster”.

The national Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) thinks the Kirklees proposal, to overfeed the pigeons and reduce their breeding rate, will be a waste of money.

A group of councillors have come up with the plan to feed the pigeons between 7am and 8am at two locations at opposite ends of the town centre.

But members of the public caught feeding the birds would be fined.

The plan is expected to go to Kirklees Council’s Cabinet for approval soon.

But PiCAS says the plan, based on similar action in Trafalgar Square, is wrong.

Spokeswoman Emma Haskell said: “Although the Greater London Authority hailed the plan as a success, it was in fact a disaster which decimated the pigeon flock in the square by starvation.

“The Kirklees proposal would be yet another huge waste of public money.”

Ms Haskell said that PiCAS had suggested a plan to reduce pigeon numbers in Huddersfield in 2001.

She said: “We advised Kirklees Council to implement a multi-faceted pigeon control programme which has been used all over Europe and has been proved to reduce flocks.

“This method uses an artificial breeding programme along with an education programme designed to reduce feeding.

“Kirklees completely failed to provide the programme as intended and failed to take advice on the correct infrastructure required.

“We have tried to work with this council but they have studiously and comprehensively ignored the advice we provided.”