A POLITICIAN has welcomed her party's plans to improve law and order.

Elisabeth Wilson, the Lib Dems' Parliamentary spokeswoman in the Colne Valley constituency, welcomed the party's manifesto on law and order.

She told a meeting in Lindley that she supported leader Charles Kennedy's pledge to recruit 10,000 more police officers and 20,000 community support officers

She said this would mean an extra police officer in each town or neighbourhood in Colne Valley, each backed by two community support officers.

Ms Wilson added: "Liberal Democrats believe long-term answers are needed to stop people's lives being blighted by nuisance behaviour.

"Under Labour, there has been a mass of new laws, but few solutions."

Ms Wilson backed plans, including getting tough on anti-social behaviour, giving prisoners skills for work, not crime, and making offenders pay back to victims and their communities through tough community work.