PEOPLE who tint their car windscreens too much are putting lives at risk.

Police in Kirklees have clamped down on cars with heavily-tinted windscreens and found many to be breaking the law by having the glass too dark.

And they have revealed that drivers who do this may be invalidating the insurance because they cannot see out of their cars properly.

In a roadside check in Dewsbury, officers examined 10 windscreens.

Eight of them received immediate prohibition notices which meant they could not be driven any further until their windscreens were changed.

Two others were given delayed notices giving a set time to put the problem right.

The law about tinted windows applies to the front windscreen and the two front side windows on either side of the driver.

The front windscreen must have at least 75% light transmission through it, while the side windows must allow 70%.

Sgt Alan Kaye, head of Dewsbury traffic police, said: "Glass that is heavily tinted can present a real danger.

"It is vital that a driver can see pedestrians and other vehicles at all times."

He added: "The law has been around for some time now. We just want to make sure we raise awareness of the issue.

"There is also the fact that any modification to a vehicle that alters the standard to which it was manufactured is likely to render the insurance invalid."