WEST Yorkshire Police are on the look-out for new recruits - but they must have four legs!

The force needs more German Shepherd dogs and has appealed for people to donate them.

Ideally the dogs must be between 12 and 18 months old.

The force now has 56 dogs - and most of them have been donated by the public.

Dogs help with searches for suspects and evidence.

They are also used to detain suspects and maintain public order, especially at football matches.

Pc John Groom said: "We often find that the best police dogs come from a family background.

"They seem able to cope better with life's experiences.

"Working for the police is a great life for a dog and they are extremely well looked after both at work and at home."

Anyone who may be interested in donating a dog can contact the West Yorkshire Police dog section on 01924 293135.