PEOPLE careless about crime prevention face being "burgled" by the police.

Officers who see open windows or doors will pop tell-tale calling cards inside, so the people will realise they have been potential crime victims.

If the police can spot the easy ways into homes so can the burglars.

The crime prevention leaflets - printed in the shape of footprints - will be distributed by special officers and community support officers.

Alex Fox, project officer for the police's community safety department, said: "The message on the back of the leaflet is to keep all doors and windows locked at all times - even when you're at home.

"Although burglaries are decreasing in West Yorkshire, about one in four are sneak-ins, where the offender gets into the property through an open window or door.

"Sneak-in burglaries can be stopped by simply keeping your doors and windows locked, even when you are in.

"It doesn't take a minute to do this and will greatly cut your chances of being a victim of crime.

"We'd also advise people to keep valuable items such as car keys, credit cards, handbags, mobile phones and jewellery out of sight of thieves," added Mr Fox.

"If anyone sees anything suspicious, we would always ask them to report it to police."

Further crime prevention advice is available on the West Yorkshire Police website at www.westyorkshire. or from crime prevention officers on 0845 6060606.