POLICE spent hours probing an alleged “kidnap” in Fartown – only to find out it was a prank.

They sealed off a block of houses in Alder Street after reports that a man had been bundled into a car by a gang.

But officers were able to speak to the alleged victim some hours later and were satisfied there was no crime.

A spokesman said: “No offences were disclosed, but we would like to thank the person who made the initial call to the police.

“Whilst what at first appeared to be a serious incident turned out to be nothing more than people ‘messing about’, we would rather investigate a call made in good faith and find this out for ourselves, than not have such a matter reported to us at all.”

It was at 10.37pm on Monday that police were called to Alder Street after reports that a man had been assaulted by a group of four other men. A witness said he was put into a black car which had then driven off.

Officers were sent to investigate the incident and the houses were sealed off for several hours on Tuesday.

Eventually police made contact with the alleged victim who told them that he was safe and well.

Police met with the man later the same day to confirm that this was the case.