WEST Yorkshire Police today unveiled two documents which will direct policing over the next three years.

And a key element of policy will be to continue efforts which have seen crime figures slashed in recent months.

The Policing Strategy, which runs until 2008, describes how policing will see the force improve public confidence and satisfaction in local policing.

They plan to further reduce crime and disorder and bring more offenders to justice.

The Policing Plan for 2005 to 2006 is the detailed plan for the first year of the Strategy, and sets out to build on the dramatic reduction in recorded crime which began in 2003/04.

For the first time, the timing of the three-year Strategy aligns with the Strategies produced by each of the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) across West Yorkshire.

All three strategies aim to slash crime levels even further, with the main offences targeted to reduce by 35% compared with 2003-04.

Clr Mark Burns-Williamson, who chairs the Police Authority, said: "The Authority and Force have worked closely with these partners over the past year to ensure that the Strategies complement each other.

"This joint working has enabled even more people to contribute to the Strategy and Plan, including previously disengaged groups, such as business people.

"As a result business crime features more explicitly in the plan for the first time."

Tackling anti-social behaviour, drugs and crime are the top priorities for local people, along with reducing the fear of crime.

There is also a strong focus on improving public satisfaction with the quality of service provided by the police, including plans to get more officers out into the community.