ARMED police were called to Honley last night after two teenagers brandishing a fake gun sparked a firearms alert.

Huddersfield police launched a big operation after receiving a call from a man at Honley, claiming he was being threatened with a handgun.

A police helicopter located the two boys at Church Street in Honley and officers from Huddersfield's armed response unit moved in.

The pair were arrested without any shots being fired and it was discovered that their gun was an imitation weapon.

It was incapable of firing bullets.

A 16-year-old Honley boy and a 15-year-old Brockholes boy have been charged with possession of an imitation firearm and will appear at Huddersfield Youth Court on April 20.

Pc Dave McSweeney, of Huddersfield police, said the incident highlighted the dangers of carrying fake guns.

He said: "Carrying an imitation firearm is not a good idea, because the police can't tell if it is real or fake until they examine it closely.

"We have to treat every incident as if there are real firearms involved and that poses dangers for us and those with the gun. For children to have these weapons is not a good idea."