A DIGGER has been working on a possible development site on the edge of Huddersfield.

The JCB dug up eight trenches at Lindley Moor yesterday.

Stirling Scotfield has asked Kirklees Council for permission to build a data centre on the land, at the corner of Lindley Moor Road and Crosland Road.

The site would provide a secure location for businesses to house their computer servers.

But residents are fighting the plan to develop the green field site near the M62.

Peter Waller, who walks on the moor every day, spotted the yellow digger yesterday.

The Salendine Nook man said: “It was digging trenches about a foot deep, 75 feet long and 16 feet wide.

“I also saw two people with very small trowels scraping off the earth.

“I haven’t a clue who they are but I think they were looking for a Roman road. You would only use small trowels if you were looking for some kind of archaeological remains.”

See next page for how there's been a falling out on who should chair a meeting - to give a united front.

POLITICIANS have clashed over who should chair a meeting designed to build a united front against a controversial development.

Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney has called Friday’s meeting to fight a proposal to build on Lindley Moor.

Earlier this month Miller Homes applied for planning permission for 300 homes at the site on the edge of Huddersfield.

And Stirling Scotfield has re-submitted a proposal to build a data centre on the moor, which is next to the M62.

Mr McCartney has organised a public meeting against the plans at Lindley Methodist Church at 7pm on Friday.

The Conservative MP plans to chair the event, which he hopes will build a united front against the development proposals.

But Lindley Lib Dems Clr Christine Stanfield and Clr Cahal Burke emailed Mr McCartney this week calling on him to step aside for an independent chair from the Lindley Moor Action Group (LMAG).

Clr Stanfield wrote: “Jason, if you chair this meeting it becomes political. LMAG have always claimed that they were non-political, so please let one of them chair or get someone who has no axe to grind, like an MP from another constituency.”

Clr Burke also emailed Mr McCartney. He wrote: “I tend to agree, let’s put politics aside and have an independent chair and look positively at how we can achieve our common goal.

“I look forward to hearing your suggestions as to how we can oppose these plans.”

Mr McCartney replied: “As the Member of Parliament I represent all of my constituents with no political bias.

“I have called this meeting and will chair it to allow everyone else to have their say.

“Let’s not get bogged down in the intricacies of the meeting itself, let’s just crack on and work together to oppose the plans.”

Clr Stanfield replied on Wednesday: “Jason, you have called the meeting so should introduce and welcome all – but not chair the meeting.

“You are a Conservative MP so of course there is a political bias. We also represent all in the ward regardless of party, and would suggest again that you let the LMAG chair the meeting.

“If we are able to attend, we need to see the agenda and know what you expect from us.

“I don’t want LMAG, who have worked very hard, to be let down with hollow rhetoric.

“If we had an independent chair, perhaps we could ‘crack on and not get bogged down’ in empty rhetoric’.If you are not in the chair it will enable to you take part in the discussion with residents.”

Peter Schofield of LMAG said last night that his group could provide an independent chair if asked.

He added: “We haven’t called the meeting or paid for the meeting, but we’re glad it’s taking place.”

Developer Miller Homes has asked Kirklees for permission to build 300 homes on land between Cowrakes Road and Weatherhill Road.

The council has allocated the greenfield land for housing.

A separate plan to build a data centre on the corner of Lindley Moor Road and Crosland Road was refused permission last year after opposition from residents.

However, Stirling Scotfield has resubmitted the proposal to set up the centre, which would which would provide a secure site for businesses to house their computer servers.