COLNE Valley children are helping their counterparts in Uganda by giving pencils.

Pupils at Beech School, Golcar, were asked to bring in pencils after teacher Anna DuQuesnay visited the African country last year.

She worked voluntarily and said she was shocked by what she saw.

The school is now aiming to help Kibuye Primary School in Uganda's capital, Kampala.

Miss DuQuesnay said: "We communicated with the school and they told us that what was most urgently needed were pencils.

"There are 1,000 pupils in the school, so we set ourselves a goal of providing a pencil for every pupil.

"Children have been bringing in their own pencils, buying them themselves and persuading parents to add them to their shopping list.

"We have collected 1,700."

The school has also teamed up with the Meltham Mustard Seed Project, which carries out work in Uganda.

Mustard Seed members have offered to take some of the pencils in their luggage.

But the school's work doesn't end there.

The children at Beech School have undertaken to sponsor two children in Uganda.

The Golcar pupils will pay for all their educational and medical needs.

To do this they have produced an assembly for parents, have penny pots to put their pocket money in and organised a bring-and-buy sale and a raffle.

The children are also producing Jack and the Beanstalk, with all proceeds going to the Ugandan school.

Miss DuQuesnay said: "As the needs are huge we are trying to find other groups who may well be able to help.

"For example, only half the Kibuye pupils get a meal every day because the school cannot afford to feed all of them.

"A thousand children share six toilet blocks, so they are desperately in need of new toilet buildings."

She added that if anyone could help they should contact the school.