HOURS of work by youngsters at a Huddersfield school have been ruined by vandals.

The attack at Bradley Infants and Nursery School over the weekend is the latest in a spate of attacks which have cost the school hundreds of pounds to repair.

Now the yobs have targeted the school's gardening club.

About 20 children had spent every lunchtime over the last half-term planting bulbs and seeds so they could watch them grow.

Dozens of planters were in a quadrangle at the school and all have been destroyed by the vandals along with a swing seat.

Head teacher Mrs Bernie Boryslawskyj said: "It's so upsetting. They are very young children and can't understand why anyone would want to cause all this damage.

"All the planters have been smashed and soil strewn about. They had spent hours and hours on this project. What has happened is mindless vandalism and it's sickening."

The school's learning mentor, Mrs Linda Gough, is co-ordinating the gardening club along with recycling and energy efficiency schemes.

And Mrs Boryslawskyj revealed that vandals had attacked the school repeatedly and broken well over 100 windows since Christmas.

"We'd just had 60 repaired during the Easter holidays," she said. "The repair bill is costing us a fortune. It's a nightmare."

Anyone who knows who is responsible for the vandalism should call Huddersfield police helpdesk on 01484 436659 or Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111.