FIVE tiny collie-type puppies were abandoned in Birstall near Batley last month.

Aged around six-weeks-old they were discovered by a member of the public on Field Head Lane. They were loose in a field close to a public footpath.

RSPCA inspector Mandi Barr attended the scene and found the pups to be bright, lively and in good bodily condition. They had no collars and hadn’t been microchipped. The pups were taken to the RSPCA Halifax & District Branch and have all been found new homes.

She said: “It’s shocking that anyone could abandon any animal in this way, especially such young puppies. They were all in good physical condition, which suggests they may have once belonged to someone.

“Because they were found together it seems unlikely they found their own way there; it’s more probable they were deliberately left by the footpath. Had we not have been contacted so early the puppies could have come to all sorts of harm.”