A racist thug who kicked a police officer and told him: “All you Poles should have been wiped out by the Nazis,” has appeared in court again.

Kevin Harwood, of Highcroft Crescent in Almondbury, was found guilty after a trial of racially-aggravated assault.

Police were called to his home on May 31 following reports of a domestic incident there.

Harwood was arrested after threatening to smash his partner in and the officers discovered heroin in his back pocket.

As he was put into the back of the police vehicle, the 47-year-old said to one of them: “All you Poles should have been wiped out by the Nazis.”

The abuse continued, Harwood calling the officer ‘scum’ and kicking him in the chest when he opened the door to let him out.

Harwood’s vile behaviour continued while he was in the holding cell at Huddersfield Police Station and he threatened to break the officer’s leg as he tried to kick him again.

Harwood pleaded guilty to possession of a Class A drug and pleaded not guilty to the more serious offence.

But he was convicted in his absence during a trial at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court.

Harwood appeared at the Huddersfield court earlier this week after a warrant for his arrest was executed.

He was due to be sentenced yesterday (Dec 20) but magistrates granted a further adjournment.

This is so that Harwood’s suitability for drug rehabilitation can be assessed.

Magistrates adjourned his case until January 2 and ordered him to attend an appointment with the CHART Kirklees drug and alcohol support service in the meantime.