A TOUGH warning went out today: Stay off the railways.

Network Rail is launching the Easter Holiday Campaign against railway crime.

And one of the crime hotspots is Deighton, on the Huddersfield to Leeds line.

Railway crime causes train delays, damage to trains and infrastructure costs, which are enormous. Also, rail chiefs are seriously worried about safety.

Network Rail and its partners in the industry are being more aggressive in targeting criminals who attack the rail network, criminals who potentially can cause disastrous events.

Richard Fenny, Network Rail's regional director, said: "The downward trend is very encouraging. It shows that our industry's effort to highlight the dangers and consequences of railway crime is making a very real impression throughout the London North-Eastern Region.

"But we cannot afford to be complacent.

"The cost of railway crime is enormous, both in terms of train delays and damage to trains and infrastructure.

"But it is the threat to the lives and safety of passengers and railway staff that is the main cause for concern," added Mr Fenny.

A zero-tolerance policy is to be adopted to find and arrest railway criminals.

Staff working on and around the track and infrastructure act as `lookouts' to tell British Transport Police officers where vandals have been spotted.

British Transport Police motorcycle patrols focus on `hot spot areas' and off-track teams set up CCTV cameras.

A free 24-hour hotline has been set up on 0800 40 50 40. Or people can ring the Crimestoppers number on 0800 555 111, where rewards are available for information which leads to a conviction.