A PETITION has been launched to bring a railway station up to scratch – after a woman suffered a nasty accident there.

Retired university lecturer Dr Richard Etheridge is calling for Marsden railway station to be brought up to modern standards.

His plea to rail bosses comes after his wife Pam fell while descending the steps at the station to catch the train for a day trip to York last November.

Her shoe caught on the jagged diamond shaped design and she was thrown forward down the steps.

Her fall left her incapacitated for three months and having to undergo painful physiotherapy after she suffered a fractured shoulder and severe damage to her muscles and tendons.

Dr Etheridge, of Boat Lane, Marsden, said the fall prompted him to launch his campaign for safer access at the station.

He is particularly concerned about the ‘dangerous’ staircases to platforms one and two from the road bridge.

Dr Etheridge said: “This access is dangerous for the disabled, the elderly and parents with pushchairs. It does not meet today’s standards.

“As people have heard about this accident they have all agreed that the access to the station is substandard.

“Indeed, many have said they do not use the station themselves because of the dangerous conditions.”

Dr Etheridge, formerly Dean of Information and Engineering Systems at Leeds Metropolitan University, has complained to Metro and station manager Northern Rail, but says they have failed to take action.

He is now seeking the help of Kirklees residents and local councillors to pursue changes using some of the cash recently allocated to improve the local Trans-Pennine route.

The petition calls for money to be allocated to create safer station access.

This includes moving the focus of the station towards the Old Goods Yard by the nearby National Trust office.

This Dr Etheridge says would provide new access and help transfer parked cars from the roadway on to the existing and under-used car park.

Dr Etheridge said: “The station desperately needs these improvements. From a safety point of view it is well behind the times.

“Marsden is becoming an increasingly-well used tourist attraction so we need a railway station that can safely cope with them.”

A Northern Rail spokeswoman said: “While there are no immediate plans for improvements at Marsden station, we welcome feedback from customers.

“We would be happy to discuss opportunities for third party funded improvements with relevant organisations.”

The petition – which will be handed to rail bosses – is available from several shops in Marsden as well as online at www.ipetitions.com/petition/marsdenrail