A CULT comedy writer visited a Huddersfield bookstore to meet legions of his dedicated sci-fi fans.

The creator of smash hit sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, Rob Grant, 45, was in Waterstone's Books in the Kingsgate Centre signing copies of his new book, entitled Incompetence.

The book is set in a United States of Europe in the near future where far-reaching human rights legislation means those who are incompetent are protected from losing their jobs.

This is good news for the madman leaving a trail of perfect murders across Europe but bad news for the detective trying to track him down amidst pilots with vertigo and police officers suffering from "non-specific stupidity".

But Rob, who lives in London, says the book is not his way of voicing a dislike for Europe. In fact he thinks Britain should join the single currency.

He said: "One of the motivations for writing the book was the incredible number of laws passed by Brussels everyday.

"Laws that state we must have straight cucumbers and that sort of thing are just hilarious - but I stand by the fact that we need to be involved in Europe."

Rob, who was born in Salford, near Manchester, added that he enjoyed meeting the army of Red Dwarf fans many of whom he thinks can't have been born when he began writing the first series 20 years ago.

"It is incredible. Red Dwarf is a huge cult and for some reason people across all generations seem to adore it.

"I have met people here today who are students now and must have been very young when the series was initially popular. But even my kids like it and enjoy watching the repeats on television."