A THIEF who stole a bottle of vodka from a shop was given another chance to turn his life around.

Kirklees magistrates heard that Wayne Gormley, 27, had had a long-standing drug problem.

He went to prison at the end of last year and had come out clean.

Gormley, of Foldings Avenue, Scholes, Cleckheaton, admitted stealing a £17 bottle of Smirnoff from the Co-op in Westfield Lane, Scholes, in July.

Mr Vincent Blake-Barnard, prosecuting, told how Gormley went into the store on July 16 and asked a member of staff about a can of alcohol.

He then disappeared out of sight and a short time later left the store.

A check on CCTV saw him put the vodka down his trousers.

Mr Mohammed Arif, for Gormley, said the theft was an “impulsive” act.

He had been drinking and couldn’t explain why he had done it. He had enough money on him for two bottles.

Mr Arif said Gormley had a drug problem but had come out of jail clean and was tackling his addiction.

“He is at a crucial stage of his detox,” added Mr Arif.

Magistrates imposed a six-month community order with a drug rehabilitation requirement.

“He has made a lot of progress over the last year to keep himself out of trouble,” said Mr Arif.

Gormley was also told pay to £85 prosecution costs and £17 compensation for the vodka.