HUDDERSFIELD Piazza’s grassed area should be back to normal within weeks.

Kirklees Council staff have carried out repairs to the drains and have now levelled and re-seeded the area.

It came after many complaints about the state of the grassed area in the wake of the Christmas ice-rink.

Some observers compared it to the Somme, after the green was churned up into a huge muddy mess by the vehicles needed to remove the festive ice-rink.

The area has remained fenced off since the start of January and council officials issued a public apology.

But now a council spokesman said: “The good weather has allowed us to work on the area in the last two weeks.

“There were serious problems with the drains in the area and some have needed to be fully repaired and others have been jetted to clear obstructions. This work has been completed.

“Given the warm wet spring weather we are expecting the grass seed germination to be successful and the area to green up within three weeks”.