CARS have been damaged after Kirklees Council failed to clean up paint spilled in the street.

A can of white paint was dropped on Springbank Crescent, Bradley Mills, last Friday.

Residents say they reported the spillage to Kirklees Highways immediately.

But a week on the paint is still there and it has been tracked around the cul-de-sac and on to Leeds Road.

Gail Beckford said she had accidentally driven through the wet paint, damaging her car.

And she said the paint was still wet and continuing to cause damage all over the estate.

She said: “One of my neighbours dropped the paint.

“She reported it and was told they would be out in five minutes.

“No-one came and at least four different neighbours have reported it since.

“One neighbour had to swerve to avoid it and nearly hit another car.

“Kids have been touching it and it’s been smeared on railings and on the grass.

“It’s dried all over my tyres, wheel arches and the bottom of my car.

“We shouldn’t have to pay for cleaning the car..

“If they’d have just come out when the said they would none of this would have happened.

“It’s not good enough.”

A spokeswoman for Kirklees Council offered no explanation on why the clean up had not been done yet.

She said: “We have received reports that gloss paint has been spilled on Springbank Crescent and it will be cleaned over the next couple of days.”