PLANS to extend a Crosland Moor quarry have been given a resounding thumbs up - from residents of a nearby caravan park.

Twenty-three people living at Hill Tree Park are in favour of the large-scale development off Blackmoorfoot Road.

Johnsons Wellfield Quarries Ltd wants permission to extract more sandstone from the 20-hectare site which is bordered by Sands House Lane and Thewlis Lane.

It also wants permission to demolish and reinstate several buildings on the site.

Members of the Huddersfield area planning committee will visit the site on Thursday before making a decision on the application.

A detailed report says residents of Hill Tree Park have signed a petition in favour, as the plans will remove a mound of earth on the site.

The report says the mound is an unnatural feature of the landscape and its removal would open the views in the valley for the residents.

It would also be an opportunity to remove a stagnant pond and rubbish which has accumulated in the area surrounding the pond.

One letter of objection from a Netherton resident has also been received expressing concern about noise, hours for working on the site, disturbance to wildlife and loss of public footpaths.

The report says Johnsons is one of the country's leading producers of sandstone products and has been extracting stone from the area since 1928.

Existing supplies on the current site are nearly exhausted and this new plan would involve work over a 15-year period on an area of land to the west of the current site.

The plans includes details about the restoration of the land to grassland and/or moorland after work is finished.

Stringent conditions relating to noise, access, working hours and drainage are included.

Rulings on the demolition of a residential bungalow, light aircraft hangar and farm buildings and their re-instatement following the mineral extraction are also being considered.

The report recommends that officers should be delegated to make a decision on the plans.