RESIDENTS are demanding Huddersfield Town and the Huddersfield Giants pay for their parking permits.

People living near the Galpharm Stadium have been stung by a £30 annual charge to park outside their homes.

And they want Huddersfield’s football and rugby clubs to pick up the five-figure tab.

Several streets near the stadium have residents-only parking to stop sports fans parking in the area on match days.

Kirklees Council used to give out the passes for free.

But last month the council’s Labour Cabinet decided to bring in a £30 annual charge for parking permits from August 1.

The move will affect 8,675 car-owners in 160 parts of Kirklees.

There are 317 homes in the Town and Spring Bank estates which have permit parking.

There are also 31 visitors’ passes – meaning Kirklees is set to make £10,140 a year from people living near the stadium.

Monica Johnson, 43, has lived at Town Avenue for 20 years – long before the Galpharm was built.

Last night she said: “We didn’t have any problems before the stadium was built, but since then we had an influx of people.

“It gets horrendously unbearable on match days. Fans park on the pavement and on grassed areas.”

Kirklees agreed to bring in residents-only parking in the area five years ago.

Mrs Johnson said: “It’s definitely made a difference. You can park outside your house and bring the shopping in.

“Drivers still come down here, but when they see the parking permit signs they go and park elsewhere.”

Mrs Johnson believes Town and the Giants should foot the parking bill for residents living round the Galpharm.

The mother-of-one said: “I think it’s outrageous for Kirklees to charge us £30.

“If they are going to charge us they need to look at why people have had to get these permits – the stadium, which attracts so many people.

“We’re the victims. We haven’t caused any of this.”

Mrs Johnson added: “It’s been a big topic of conversation among the neighbours and we’re getting a petition together.”

Clr Rochelle Parchment is collecting signatures in the area.

The Dalton Lib Dem said last night: “A number of residents approached me after the news came out that the Cabinet had decided to start charging for parking permits.

“The only reason they needed permits in the first place is because they live near the stadium.

“As such, I think it only right that the Terriers and the Giants be asked to cover the costs when the charges are introduced.

“It would certainly be a sign of goodwill from the two teams, who should recognise that people living nearby put up with quite a lot because they live so close.

“We’re getting an excellent response door-to-door and in response to the letters I have sent out.”

Clr Parchment will present her petition to the next monthly council meeting on July 27.

The Examiner asked Town and the Giants if they wished to comment on the petition.

The football club declined to comment.

The rugby club did not respond.