A WISH list of projects for Kirkburton is being drawn up by residents.

Kirklees Council is using the views of residents to improve life in its Kirkburton ward.

Over the past few months, council officers have collected opinions from local residents via ward councillors and at public meetings.

The aim was to discover which services people see as priorities and what improvements they would like to happen.

The results showed Kirkburton residents felt community safety, the environment, highways and community engagement were top priorities.

On community safety, residents said low visibility of police, petty crime, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and speeding traffic were their main worries.

Highways concerns included the poor conditions of roads and pavements, traffic congestion and poor public transport.

With the environment, they said litter, fly-tipping, maintenance of public spaces, overgrown trees and hedges and street cleaning were all problems.

Residents also said new land developments and planning applications were important to them.

With regard to community engagement, residents felt they should have an input in council decisions to ensure the views of people in their ward were reflected.

Three members of Kirkburton Area Committee have been nominated to look after different topics.

Clr Christine Smith will be responsible for community safety, Clr Adrian Murphy for the environment and Clr Mark Hemingway for highways and community issues.

The area committee is meeting at Lepton Scout Hut at 7.30 tonight to officially assign the councillors to their posts to agree which tasks they will perform.

All three will be partnered in their new roles by a member of Kirkburton Parish Council.

The list of priorities will be sent to the council's devolution advisory committee from the meeting.

That committee will then recommend it and send it to the full council for final approval.

After that, each of the nominated councillors will have until autumn to liaise with organisations and develop specific proposals to ensure services match up to residents' priorities.

The proposals they come up with will be put into the area committee's community action plan.

This will guide the committee's future policy and budget decisions.