RESIDENTS are launching a fresh bid to stop drivers speeding down their street.

Kirklees Council last year refused to install speed bumps on York Avenue in Fartown.

But a campaigner launched a new petition this week, calling for action before a child is killed on the street.

Manjit Singh, who lived on York Avenue for 30 years, said: “There have been quite a few accidents recently.

“In one instance, a driver hit a parked car. About 10 days ago there was a head-on collision and the police and paramedics had to be called.

“The residents are concerned, especially the ones with little kids.

“They are anxious to get something done. They want the speed bumps put in before someone is killed.”

Mr Singh blamed young drivers for travelling too fast in the 30mph zone.

“I’ve seen youngsters doing 50 mph down the road,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s people under the influence of drink and drugs, sometimes it’s crazy drivers going too fast.

“There’s been three or four accidents in the last couple of months because people can’t control their cars and they’re coming down too fast from the top of the road.”

Mr Singh began collecting signatures to his petition this week.

He said: “I’m going to knock on all the doors on York Avenue and then give the petition to Kirklees.”

Mr Singh, lived on York Avenue from 1974 until 2004.

His daughter Hardeep Kaur Kang, now 31, had been hit by cars on the street three times when she was young.

“When she was five or six she was knocked down a few times,” he said.

“My parents used to live on Fulford Avenue, so she would run over to see them. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt.”

Mr Singh, who now lives in Greenroyd Croft, Birkby, stood for the Lib Dems in the Ashbrow ward at the last two Kirklees council elections.

He wrote to the council last year demanding action on York Avenue.

But officers refused to install speed bumps, saying there had been no reports of injuries caused by speeding on the street in the previous five years.