RESIDENTS are trying to stop Huddersfield YMCA from staying open longer.

The association has asked Kirklees Council for permission to change the licence of its premises on New Hey Road in Salendine Nook.

The YMCA is currently open to members only and can serve alcohol until 11pm from Monday to Thursday; midnight on Friday, 12.30am on Saturday and 10.30pm on Sunday.

The club has asked Kirklees for permission to open to non-members and to serve alcohol until 11pm from Sunday to Thursday and up to 1am on Friday and Saturday.

But residents living nearby oppose the move – saying the YMCA already causes late-night noise in the area.

Alison Fairbank, of Hadrian’s Close wrote to Kirklees Council to object to the proposed licence change.

She said: “We already have quite a few Friday and Saturday nights when the music goes on until 1am.

“There is rarely any attempt to curb the volume of the music. Sometimes it is so loud I can hear the words.

“If I wanted to live near a nightclub I’ll go live in the town centre.

“This venue is supposed to be for sports and recreation and I feel extending the hours to be out-of-keeping with the original aims of the YMCA.”

Fellow Hadrian’s Close resident Lee Ball has also written to Kirklees to oppose the plan.

He said: “The club opens until midnight at present and revellers are often leaving the club rather noisily after 1am. This will inevitably end up being 2am or 3am.”

Mr Ball added that the club caused parking problems on nearby streets.

“The club puts on more and larger events each year with people parking on Hadrian’s Close and New Hey Road making it dangerous for children on the street to play and for residents to easily get in and out of their drivers,” he said.

“Often these vehicles are left on our street and the owners pick them up the following morning when they’ve sobered up.”

The YMCA could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The council’s Licensing Panel will decide on the matter at Huddersfield Town Hall from 11.30am on Friday.