ROTARY Club’s June Fair, held at Huddersfield Open Market, was the most successful one to date.

Every one of the 100 or so stalls was taken for this 10th annual event. Some 60 local organisations and many national charities were represented. In addition, there were two groups raising funds for children in Romania and the Ukraine.

Stallholders were either selling items to raise money for their charities or giving out free information to raise the profile of their work. Many of the local bodies have attended the fair since its inception a decade ago and it has become a family affair for volunteers.

Deputy Mayor Christine Iredale took the time to speak to every stallholder.

The town crier was in attendance in full regalia and music was provided Vintage Brass and a large barrel organ.

Huddersfield Rotary Club hires the market for the event and helps with staffing. The stalls are then rented out to local charities and service providers at a nominal rate.

It is estimated that the day raised between £8,000 and £9,000 for charity.