BIRKBY shopkeepers – this is your warning.

An audit of unauthorised shop front developments is taking place.

It comes after bookies Jack Pearsons questioned why they were ordered to take down external roller shutters, but others weren’t.

The bookmakers say the issue has been ongoing since 2008 when they were refused retrospective planning permission for shutters.

They installed internal shutters and since then they’ve seen other businesses within the conservation area install external shutters.

A spokeswoman for the bookies, on St John’s Road, said: “Why have we been refused but others have gone ahead and put the same shutters up?

“This has been going on since 2008 and nothing is being done.”

Now a spokeswoman for Kirklees Council said they were looking at all Birkby businesses, saying: “A number of shops have installed roller shutters in recent years without the benefit of planning permission and are currently unauthorised in terms of planning control.

“An audit of unauthorised shop front development within Birkby local centre is being undertaken, including consideration of appropriate steps on any specific unacceptable works.

“Unauthorised development subject to an Enforcement Notice continues to be unauthorised in perpetuity until the unlawful works are either removed or granted planning permission”.