MOTORCYLISTS will get a bacon butty and a helping of safety advice in a new project in Huddersfield.

The butty and brew are part of West Yorkshire Motorcycle Week’s new action campaign.

DC Motorcycles in Alder Street will be taking part in the campaign on Tuesday morning.

The event will provide an opportunity for riders to pick up a copy of the commuter survival guide DVD, filmed on location in West Yorkshire, .

In addition the event is aimed at encouraging people to give up the car and take to two wheels to help cut congestion and reduce journey times.

The breakfasts will run from 7am – 10am.

Dave Glanville, West Yorkshire Motorcycle Casualty Reduction Officer, said: “Motorcycles and scooters offer a great way of getting around quickly and efficiently so it’s right that we encourage that, but also we need to ensure those riders who are commuting, especially at peak times, have the skills to do so safely and effectively.”

Clr David Sheard, Cabinet member for Kirklees Streetscene, said: “Motorcycles are an efficient form of transport and help to cut congestion levels.

“However, riders do need to be mindful of the risks involved.

“The bike breakfast is a good way of meeting other riders and sharing information about local routes as well as getting safety tips.”