SAVING a life could cost less than a cheap stereo.

That was the message from Colne Valley MP Kali Mountford, backing the Examiner's Silent Killer campaign.

She said the campaign about the dangers of carbon monoxide was vital.

And she has appealed for people not to be put off by the cost of buying a life- saving carbon monoxide detector.

"At less than £40, detectors are about the same price as a CD player - and a CD player's value cannot be measured in terms of human life," she said.

"I have personal experience of how deadly carbon monoxide can be, because a relative came close to death.

"In the same incident, three other people were left unconscious after breathing in carbon monoxide fumes for weeks without realising they were being affected by a badly-maintained gas fire.

"I can't stress too strongly the need to have a detector in the home."

Ms Mountford added: "Carbon monoxide kills. Stay safe with a detector and follow the safety guidance that has been issued."