A SECOND councillor has backed calls for Huddersfield Town and the Giants to pay residents’ parking bills.

Last month Kirklees Council decided to charge people £30 a year for residents-only parking permits.

The passes had previously been free.

The move will affect 8,675 car-owners in 160 parts of Kirklees – including hundreds of people living near the Galpharm.

Kirklees brought in residents-only parking round the stadium to deal with matchday traffic.

Dalton Lib Dem Clr Rochelle Parchment is collecting signatures to a petition calling on Town and the Giants to pay the £30 charge for 317 homes on the Town and Spring Bank estates.

Last night Clr Peter McBride added his support to the campaign.

The Dalton Labour man said: “I am also concerned about the proposed charges for permit parking in the Springbank, Town Avenue and Rawthorpe estates.

“The circumstances for permit parking in these places are very different from elsewhere. The residents-only parking areas for Rawthorpe and Leeds Road are essentially there to offset the problems created by the stadium.

“Other councillors have rightly pointed out that the stadium should pick up the tab and I agree with this.”

Clr Parchment will present her petition at the monthly council meeting at Huddersfield Town Hall tomorrow.