A bid has been made to axe lap dancing clubs in Calderdale.

La Salsa has applied to renew its sexual establishment licence with Calderdale Council.

But the White Ribbon Campaign, which aims to end violence towards women, is urging councillors to reject a licence renewal and work towards making Calderdale a sex-establishment free borough.

They claim that “paying for lap dancing normalises the practice of men paying for sexual services.”

La Salsa, Halifax

But Eduardo Reza Shahsavar, of the Halifax-based club, defended his club and said the White Ribbon Campaign was “barking up the wrong tree.”

He explained: “The women who come here to dance are the most strong minded, confident women.

“They are not vulnerable, they are professional women.

“The real problem is somewhere else, it’s in houses not in places like this.

“These people who complain can’t solve the real problem so they make some noise by coming down on us.

“We respect women’s rights, the women who dance here negotiate with us, we provide taxis and high security to make sure they are safe.

“And when people do come here, such as police and licensing officers, they always praise us and say it’s not what they thought it would be like.

“I have invited the people who oppose here but they never take up the invitation.

“They make assumptions and complaints without doing the investigation.”

Huddersfield New College students support White Ribbon campaign
Huddersfield New College students support White Ribbon campaign

In council papers, the White Ribbon Campaign said: “As a White Ribbon Authority, Calderdale’s action plan commits the authority to working towards a zero limit on sexual encounter establishments.

“Authorities including Swansea, Slough, Bedford, Enfield, Hounslow and Merton all have set zero limits on lap dancing clubs.

“We hope that Calderdale will commit to following this example.”

The campaign claims that “paying for lap dancing normalises the practice of men paying for sexual services.”

A further objection has been submitted by a Calderdale resident, also citing the council’s accreditation as a White Ribbon Authority.

The complainant says the “current scandals enveloping Hollywood and Parliament” show “objectifying women in this way as objects for sexual gratification” needs to end.

The objector adds: “Halifax is a beautiful town, making great and successful efforts to attract business and visitors via the Piece Hall and Square Chapel.

“This kind of squalid business sits very badly in that context.”

In 2013 Calderdale became a White Ribbon accredited employer.

A decision will be made by councillors on December 11.