An MP says she’ll speak to police after a man was filmed apparently injecting drugs in a town centre.

Paula Sherriff, Dewsbury Labour, says we should feel sad for the man but that injecting on the streets posed a “significant risk”.

It comes as people were divided after the video was published on Facebook by Mo Pandor who says it went on for 45 minutes in full view of shoppers in Dewsbury town centre.

Paula Sherriff, Labour MP for Dewsbury.

Rachel Simpson wrote: “I’m saddened by the previous events which have happened in this man’s life which have sadly led him to this point.

“I know it’s something we’d all rather not see but it happens and I think if people were less judgemental and tried to look into ways of supporting the homeless folk of our towns then maybe one person could be saved from a self inflicted drugs overdose due to not being able to cope with life!”

Dover 1940 wrote: “Social, political and economic factors seem to have come together in this homelessness crisis. Could technology bring a solution as it does for so many other of life’s needs? Don’t we have the wit necessary and sufficient to provide cheap temporary accommodation for these people? Would they want it?”