SICKNESS is a growing problem for Huddersfield bosses.

In 2006 28% of businesses in the town said employee illness was a problem.

But last year the figure rose to 37%.

The research was carried out by healthcare provider LHF.

Spokesman Raman Sankaran said: “It’s no secret that healthy, happy and well-motivated people are more productive and better able to handle day-to-day stress.”

LHF also asked Huddersfield companies if their employees’ health was a top priority.

In 2006 36% said it was, but this figure rocketed to 67% the following year.

Mr Sankaran said: “This suggest that employee health and wellbeing is increasingly progressing up the human resources agenda as a way of improving staff morale.

“This can only mean good things for employees in Huddersfield.”

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