“THERE’S a bump here every single day”.

Those are the words of angry Dalton Bank Road resident Philip Hanson after his parked car was damaged by a careless driver.

And he revealed it was the 19th time one of his cars had been hit by passing vehicles on the narrow road.

More than £1,000 damage was done to the 53-year-old’s beloved car after a motorist lost control and smashed into the back of the vintage Saab.

He is now facing a huge repair bill after the dodgy driver drove off without giving his details.

Mr Hanson said the notorious road suffered some kind of road smash every day.

And he said he was so angry he had made a strongly-worded sign for passing motorists to see.

“Every day there’s a mirror off someone’s car or somebody will have a bump.

“Only the other week a wagon ran over a girl’s Ford Ka convertible and crushed it into the ground.

“This is the 19th time I’ve been hit.

“It’s due to speeders coming up the road and not giving way. The guy has lost control, skidded and run into the back of my car.

“I heard the bang but by the time I got out there the car had reversed back and got away.

“I didn’t get the registration number so the police aren’t interested.”

The narrow road, which links Colne Bridge with Dalton, has a number of road safety features including chicanes, but Mr Hanson said they were not working.

The former HGV driver said residents had been told planned upgrades had been delayed again but said the constant problems would not force him to move.

He said: “There’s huge problems on this road.

“I’ve lived here 27 years and it’s getting worse and worse.

“People have got no respect, everyone’s in a rush.

“It keeps going on, we keep reporting it, but nobody does anything about it.

“Everything just hangs in limbo all the time because there’s no communication between the council and the police.

“Why should I move from somewhere I enjoy living?

“They just need to make everybody park on the other side of the road.

“The other thing is to get everyone to slow down.”

Residents have complained for years about problems at the accident blackspot.

They claim Colne Bridge Road has become a rat run for drivers trying to avoid traffic on the A62 Leeds Road.

One resident said despite the 30mph limit he has seen drivers take the road at 60mph – and squeezing through the narrow gaps when faced with oncoming traffic caused the damage.

A spokeswoman from Kirklees Council Highways said the delay on implementing the new safety markings had been caused by another scheme taking longer than anticipated and was now due to start in mid August.