IT must be the silly season.

A glut of stupid signs have sprung up all over Huddersfield, much to the delight – and disgust – of local residents.

Many have seen the funny side but others have complained that Kirklees Council needs to get their house in order.

The funniest signs have appeared in Howard Road, Lindley, which is close to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Highways crews have been out over the past few weeks to patch up many of the potholes in the road.

But residents were left bemused this week when workmen turned up to renew the “Permit Parking” signs painted on the road.

Bizarrely, they split the word Permit, leaving the last letter some distance from the others.

Shannon Berry, one of the residents, said: “We came home this week to find new markings had been painted on the new surface of the road.

“But the incomplete markings meant to alert permit holders now suggest that the spaces can be occupied by those wanting to enjoy a cup of tea.

A council spokesman said: “The council will speak to its contractors and have the word 'permit' replaced. The chalk marks around the rest of the wording will disappear as soon as it rains.”

Meanwhile, the signwriter who cannot spell has been busy at Springwood.

Examiner reader Miriam Hammond spotted the sign for roadworks in Prospect Street, Springwood – alerting people that “Bussiness” in the area is open as usual.

It is not the first time that spelling has appeared, as Northern Gas Networks used the word in Ramsden Street some weeks ago.

The third example was spotted by a reader in Longwood, where new signs have been placed at a junction.

He said: “The photo was taken at the junction of Longwood Road and Quarmby Road opposite Longwood mini market.

“Markings on the newly resurfaced road showing the road markings to turn left and right but the arrow on the bollard only lets you turn left.”

A council spokesman said: “We are already aware of the incorrect bollard at this location and have arranged for it to be changed.”