SIX contestants have begun a week-long challenge in Huddersfield.

All are bidding to win a new car - by staying the longest in a 4 x 4 vehicle in the Kingsgate shopping centre.

Two men and four women climbed into the Suzuki Grand Vitara at 12.20pm on Saturday, amid cheers from family and friends.

They will spend 24 hours a day in the car until May 1, except for strictly-timed comfort and meal breaks.

They are hoping to win a Suzuki Ignis in the competition, being run by radio station Pulse.

Pulse presenters Matt and Elyssa broadcast their show live from Kingsgate at the competition launch and will do so all week.

Pulse listeners will be voting to keep their favourite person in the game.

On Wednesday, the person with the fewest votes will be evicted.

The same will happen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.

The final eviction will take place on Saturday lunchtime and the winner will claim his or her prize.

Two Huddersfield people are hoping to win the car.

Tony Boyers, 43, is a self-employed joiner from Taylor Hill.

Tina Hanley, 33 - who is 34 tomorrow - is an assembler for Holsets engineers at Turnbridge and lives at Sheepridge.

Life will not be easy for the contestants.

Every day at noon, they will have to carry out a gruelling task to win items to make life in the car more comfortable.

Programme controller Simon Walkington said this was the second year the competition had been held and the challenges would be more difficult.

He added: "Some of the challenges aren't the nicest. It will be difficult for them."

The contestants will also have no access to bathroom facilities, other than the sinks in the Kingsgate public toilets.

Mr Walkington said: "They all say, `Oh I get on with anyone'.

"But that might change as the week goes on if the temperature stays warm. It could get a bit stinky in there."