THE Examiner is proud to announce today its own historic occasion in the making.

Two weeks from today when you pick up your local paper it will be in a new compact shape.

It's designed to be modern, to pack in extra value and colour and to be easier to handle on the bus or train. We hope you like it. We're sure you will!

Huddersfield has a great community spirit - and our unmissable new section reflects it. People spotlights grassroots events and is packed with everyday folk, focusing on the community occasions and local events that make Huddersfield a great place to live.

We have bags of pictures from all the weekend events; A Day In The Life - 24 hours in the working life of a local hero. It could be a nurse, a teacher or a lollipop lady. What makes them tick? And ticks them off? This Life - 20 questions put to a reader. And the most honest answers.

DIY and gardening. The nation's favourite pastimes, have become buzzwords for a new generation. This sector shows no signs of slowing down, driven by an eager public. We look at local gardens of distinction and homes with a difference. Plus there's top tips to making your house - and your garden - brighter.

Content: Hints and Tips - Top local horticultural expert Graham Porter gives readers his expert advice on how to improve their gardens. Homes - Jenny Parkin takes a quirky look at some of the cheapest and some of the most expensive houses in the area. Your Garden - featuring some amazing feats of green fingered magic from readers.

The section for all ages. Whether you're a young mum or a feel-young granddad. Packed full of advice plus health, personal and financial tips to help you through those day-to-day traumas.

Content: Advice: Tony Hetherington offers top financial advice. Fiona Caine deals with your personal worries and we've medical experts to handle any health worries you may have. Columns: Hilarie Stelfox is a working mum with all the worries and joys that brings. She offers her humorous observations on the perils of bringing up two kids - and a husband. Education, children/family issues are tackled by Brigid Shaw. As well as the issues, she profiles a teacher every week and lists the must read books for all school children.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life. A consumer guide to things that make the world a brighter place: shopping and make-up! Plus local experts offer make-over advice, where the bargains are and loads of competitions. It's the ultimate guide to the best Huddersfield has to offer in retail therapy.

Content: Fashion: Beautiful clothes and where to get them at a reasonable price. Beauty: Regular makeover experts will tell you how to make the most of your looks. Plus Hilarie Stelfox brings you the latest in health and beauty treatments. Buying Guide: A weekly look at those items you won't want to live without.

The thriving arts and entertainment scene has always been a major part of the region's weekend. With comprehensive coverage of cinema, theatre, music, food and art. Weekend gives you the low-down on all that's going on. From the Choral Society to The Darkness, if it's happening in Huddersfield, it happens in Weekend.

Content: Food: Our team of writers travel the region to give their views on the fare available from bacon butties to Beef Wellington. Music: choral, rock, folk, jazz, pop - you name it, we cover it. Theatre: Val Javin keeps you up to date on the local and regional plays, musicals and comedies. And the rest: Movie reviews, Denis Kilcommon's DVD column, ballet ... there's something for anyone with an interest in the arts.

From clogs and trolley buses to food rationing and rock and roll, everyone has fond memories. But nostalgia isn't just about the 40s, 50s and 60s. There's a new generation of nostaglia reflecting the 70s and 80s - bad fashion, old football teams and dodgy discos. And we'll be remembering as many as possible in our weekly double page Saturday spread written by the ever popular Denis Kilcommons.

Plus we'll feature ex-Town and Huddersfield RL stars picking their favourite matches. And there's the chance to win some top memorabilia.