THUNDERBOLTS and lightening proved rather frightening – and left their mark on the town.

And although they passed quickly, sadly the showers look set to stay.

According to former Met Office expert Paul Stevens we are in for more turbulent weather over the next week.

The weather left a lasting reminder – cars covered in a layer of dust.

Paul, of Salendine Nook, says the dust travelled all the way from Spain.

He said: “Because we have had high level thunder storms which have been sucking up dust and dirt to about 20,000ft we have picked up a fair bit of dust and dirt from France and Spain where it has been very dry and hot.

“They have been transported north with the high level winds.”

Paul said: “We have had some extremely warm, humid air around us, which has come over from the Bay of Biscay in the West of France – where temperatures have reached around 26°C to 27°C.

“That is why temperatures are around 22°C here. We have got a zone over the Pennines known as a convergence zone.

“If you go to Manchester there’s nothing.

“This means the thunderstorms that we are having are building here and then drifting away eastwards.

“The good news is that tomorrow it is set to freshen up and will be breezy with sunshine and less humidity.

“But we will still have some showers.

“The warm and humid air will be moved overnight.

“As we head into the weekend, low pressure ensures it will be bright and breezy with a scattering of showers, Sunday is the best day and will be around 21°C.

“As we head on to next week it stays generally unsettled with further showers.

“There will be sunny intervals, but there’s no prolonged heatwave on the way unfortunately.”

Paul said the reason the lightning was so loud yesterday was because of its “low level.”

Its closeness to the ground meant that it was more likely that there would have been instances of lightning striking something such as a tree or telegraph pole.

The lightning sent a Twitter frenzy around Huddersfield.

Strictly Come Dancing blogger Alex Croft @sevenofalex wrote:

Brightest lightning I’ve ever seen followed by ridiculous clap of thunder in #Huddersfield #scared.

Charlotte Slater @chaslater tweeted: I’m in Huddersfield at the minute it was thundering and lightning – scary stuff!