MR Motivator was no where to be seen as hundreds of pupils warmed up for a special school day.

Students at Colne Valley High School got into the spirit of Body Arts Day with a mass aerobics session on the school field.

All the youngsters were then split up for workshops with teachers from Kirklees Dance Development.

The more talented dancers, selected by auditions, spent the whole day studying dance while the remaining pupils continued the body theme in other subjects.

Art classes involved creating life size body sculptures while drama class explored facial disfigurement.

In geography lessons pupils explored the body through population while in history class they looked at Egyptian mummies.

ICT looked at Cyborgs and how ICT can be part of the human body and maths students analysed food content and discovered there are 17 spoons of sugar in a can of coke.

Science pupils studied the organs and functions of the human body and food technology classes probed what makes a healthy diet.

Community radio station Two Valleys Radio joined in the fun, working with the school’s pod cast team, interviewing staff and students to find out what they had learned.