A LITTLE bit of transport history has been marked in Huddersfield.

A plaque honouring a pioneering tram system has been laid at Lockwood.

The plaque records the fact that the Lockwood to Huddersfield tram was the first council-operated transport system in the country when it started running on January 11, 1883.

At that time, all other transport systems were privately owned.

The plaque at Bridge Street sits alongside a traditional lamp-post, a trolley pole, a power cabinet and a section of tramline which have been relocated from Macauley Street to form a display.

The display was unveiled yesterday by Clr Ken Sims, Kirklees Council cabinet member for regeneration.

He said: “The tramway features are important in recording a piece of the history of Lockwood. In some ways, looking to the past prompts you to think about the future. For example, we didn’t realise all those years ago but the tram system fits perfectly into today’s green agenda.”

The plaque and other features are part of the Huddersfield District Centres Improvement Scheme, which aims to regenerate 10 village and town centres in the area.

The scheme has seen £750,000 invested since 2001, from Huddersfield Pride regeneration cash and council funding.

Lockwood has benefited through the Lockwood Renaissance programme and improvements have included installing new traditional-style street lighting.

Clr Sims said one of the next targets for investment would be making the river at Bridge Street into a focal point.

He said: “If you can get a place looking right, you are halfway to encouraging people to come and visit and spend their money there. We are starting to get businesses coming back to Lockwood.”