A STATUE of pop music legend John Lennon has been returned to its rightful Huddersfield owners.

The brass statue, worth £2,000, was stolen during a burglary at a house in Marsh overnight between April 3 and 4.

The 25in-tall item was taken from a house in Luck Lane, along with 260 CDs and 40 DVDs, including DVD boxed sets of The Godfather and Alien films.

Officers from Huddersfield CID have recovered the statue and other items.

Det Insp Sam Cooke said: "The statue was recovered after an appeal in the Examiner.

"It has a tiny little piece of damage on it but it is otherwise intact. The owners are delighted."

A 24-year-old local man has been charged with this burglary and another burglary, also in Marsh.

He will appear before Huddersfield magistrates on Friday.